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Welcome to our website! Studio Chanel & Co. is newly located in Tonganoxie, Kansas and  under the direction of Chanel Reiling
 & Rynette Reiling. Contact us with any questions  you may have! We are looking forward to yet another phenomenal year!


Chanel Reiling 913.433.4085
Rynette Reiling 785.331.9282

Call with any questions! 913.433.4085



Season 5 is just around the corner!
If you are interested in joining please contact us ASAP!
We currently are starting summer classes in June and will start the 5th season in September! 


If you have questions please contact your director at

We look forward to another wonderful year
at Studio Chanel & Co.!


New Studio Address:
1203 E. Hwy. 24/40
Tonganoxie KS 66086

Studio Mailing Address:
PO BOX 700
Tonganoxie KS 66086


2015-2016 SEASON

  Miss Enrollment? Contact us today to see about getting enrolled in Fall Classes. Classes begin Sept. 8th!

*$45 Annual Membership fee is due upon enrollment

(1 membership per family)


2015- 2016 SCHEDULE

Monday Night Classes:

Monday Tiny Tots Tumble 4:00-4:30

Declan VanMiddlesworth, Landon Frink, Adelyn King, Samantha Graveman, Madison Bradley , Zoey Klenklen, Ella Kirchgassner, Olivia Butler, Raegan Clevenger, Bella Vargas, Kinley Thornton


Monday Tiny Tots Ballet/Tap 4:30-5:00

Adelyn King, Samantha Graveman, Madison Bradley , Zoey Klenklen, Ella Kirchgassner, Olivia Butler, Raegan Clevenger, Audrey Wensel, Bella Vargas, Kinley Thornton


Monday White 2 Tumble 4:30-5:15
Olivia Erwin, Annabelle Gardner, Anna Long, Laykin Kramer, Mary Graveman, Johanna Boone, Sophia Hund, Hannah Smith, Hayden Carey

Monday Cheer Prep 5:15-5:45

Mary Graveman, Johanna Boone, Laykin Kramer, Olivia Erwin, Makenna Denholm, Paityn VanMiddlesworth, Annabelle Gardner, Taylor Brents,
Anna Long, Sophia Hund, Hannah Smith, Lillian Burge, Hayden Carey, Staley Ribley, Audrey Wensel, Sarah Barnes

Monday Red Tumble 5:45-6:30-

Leota Works, Addison Booker, Corrine Morgan, Taylor Brents,
Paityn VanMiddlesworth, Sam Edmonds
, Jordan Vorbeck, Payton Waters, Kylie Vandervoort

Tuesday Classes

Tuesday Tiny Tots Tumble 4:30-5:00
Charlotte Stean, Madeline Pavlovich, Khloe Griffits, Addison Cox, Eastyn Pekarek, Lennon Herrig, Emma Bailey, Alyssa Pestock, Betsey Burge, Abe Heim, Truley Keller

Tuesday Tiny Tots Ballet/Tap 5:00-5:30
Class 1: Charlotte Stean, Madeline Pavlovich, Khloe Griffits, Addison Cox, Eastyn Pekarek, Lennon Herrig, Alyssa Pestock, Betsey Burge, Amalie Boone, Truley Keller (2-3 students from class 1 will move to class 2)              

 Class 2: Emma Bailey, Kenzie Underwood, Ava Beal, Saige Heston, Sarah Barnes


Tuesday Boys Tumble 5:00-5:30
Gavin Rhoads, Brennin Rhoads, Taylor Maslak, Bodee Maslak, Connor Stean, Aiden Cox, Andrew Bailey, Jeplin Pekarek, Ben Farrar, Kemper Payton

Tuesday Lyrical 4:45-5:15

Lucy Graveman, Elizabeth Graveman, Kennedy Unruh, Kate Wallace, Katelyn Bothwell


Tuesday White Tumble 5:30-6:00
Saige Heston, Chloe Simpson, Ava Beal, Gemma Halsa, Kenzie Underwood, Staley Ribley, Haley Heim, Claire Heim, Sarah Barnes


Tuesday Red Tumble 5:15-6:00
Lydia Rafols, Kylie Bachert, Hallie Wright, Bethany Overmiller, Carley Watson, Rhylea Dailey, Aubrey Gillaspie, Maddy Werthmann, Kennedy Unruh, Rorie Clemens, Maddie Harris, Madelyn Heim, Ally Rawlings, Hadley Regehr


Tuesday Silver Tumble 5:15-6:00
Carley Watson, Farrah Halsa, Addison Howell, Alyssa Novotney, Kelsi Ko, EmmaLea Dailey, Hannah Duskie, Mia Schuck, Addyson Crum, Trinity Bridges, Chloe Stevenson, Elizabeth Scheilz, Jaiden Campbell, Elena Edholm, Rylie Penner, Sierra Allen


Tuesday Ballet/Tap 5:30-6:00:

Kenny Somolik, Mackenzie Martin, Kate Wallace, Maggie Farrar, Willow Rademacher, Amelia Pestock, Addyson O'Hare, Lila O'Hare, Brooklin Rich, Paityn VanMiddleworth, Makenna Denholm, Jaiden Jaegar


Tuesday Cheer Prep 1 6:00-6:30
Gavin Rhoads, Farrah Halsa, Carley Watson, Leah Beal, Addyson Crum, Kennedy Unruh, Aubrey Gillaspie, Brooklin Rich, Jaiden Jaegar, Maddie Harris, Breanna Barnes


Tuesday Cheer Prep 2 6:00-6:30

Stella Bradley, Hannah Duskie, Kobi Bearden, Trinity Bridges, Elizabeth Scheilz,

Maddy Werthmann, Chloe Stevenson, Jaiden Campbell, Elena Edholm, Rylie Penner, Hadley Regehr

Tuesday Hip Hop 1 6:00-6:30

 Gemma Halsa, Kenny Somolik, Kate Wallace, Charlotte Woods,

Hallie Wright, Lillian Burge, Hayden Carey, Anna Gepner

Tuesday Hip Hop 2 6:30-7:00

Taylor Rantz, Jenna Witt, Kylie Bachert, Trinity Bridges, Gracie Drake,

Kennedy Unruh, Rylea Dailey, Farrah Halsa, Rorie Clemens, Trinity Bridges, Ally Rawlings, Emma Rawlings


Tuesday Black Tumble 6:30-7:15

Stella Bradley, Cadence Cole, Kobi Bearden, Payton Galvin, Emma Morgan, Ella Munsutt, Leah Reed, Brooklyn Lang, Molly Cullen


Tuesday White 2 Tumble 6:30-7:15

Allie Sifford, Kenny Somolik, Charlotte Woods, Miranda McKiddy, Mackenzie Martin, Kate Wallace, Maggie Farrar, Leah Beal, Amelia Pestock, Addyson O'Hare, Lila O'Hare, Samantha Reischman, Jaiden Jaegar, Anna Gepner, Breanna Barnes


Tuesday Jazz 1 7:15-8:00

Miranda McKiddy, Mackenzie Martin, Hallie Wright, Lydia Rafols, Aubrey Padfield, Kate Wallace, Addyson O'Hare, Lila O'Hare, Sophia Reischman, Elena Edholm, Paityn VanMiddlesworth


Tuesday Jazz 2 7:15-8:00

Sydney Padfield, Elizabeth Graveman, Jenna Witt, Bethany Overmiller, Mia Schuck,

Alyssa Novotney, Stella Bradley, 

Taylor Rantz, Kennedy Unruh, Rhylea Dailey, Rorie Clemens



NEW TIMES for the 2015 season coming soon! zumba is on summer break!
$5 per session OR
$40/ 10 session punch card

Join the Party, come try Zumba!

Instructors: Angela McConkey,
 Holly Edmonds & Diane Little


Interested in becoming a Studio Chanel Dance Company member?
Auditions are coming soon, contact Chanel for more information if interested!

*** Interested in Competition dance but not sure about the time/financial commitment??? Performance Company is for you! Limited time/financial commitment however you can still experience the dance competition world.
Contact us for more information!

INFORMATIONAL MEETING- July 29th @6:30pm Come Find Out More!



  If you are interested in becoming a member please contact Chanel at 913.433.4085 OR via email

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